Our offer is mainly targeted at families with young children as well as those in desire of peace, quiet and relaxation out in the open. We often accommodate fishing lovers, as the lake abounds in fish.

In 2012 we launch summer workshops for women ?Living with style?.

Starting 2012 we launch musical and artistic workshops for children.


Considering the wellbeing of the youngest campers, listening to loud music on the premises of our Resort is forbidden and a 9.00 p.m.-8.00 a.m. curfew if obligatory.


We provide three wooden ?Wieżyca? cottages at our guests? disposal. Each cottage has a separate terrace equipped with a large wooden table with an umbrella and two benches. There is a direct descent to the ground from all of the terraces. The houses sleep eight among 5 beds. On the ground floor there is a sizable, connecting living room with two two-seater couches, a table and chairs, dressers, a TV set and playroom for the youngest. Being a passage room, it has an exit door to the terrace on one side, and on the other, access to the kitchenette, restroom and the shower. A winding staircase leads to the loft, where there are two bedrooms. There is a double bed in one and two single beds in the other. The kitchenette is equipped with a sink, a single-burner electric stove (optional installation of a second one), electric kettle, pots, plates, silverware, mugs and glasses. Grill pans are not provided by the Resort.

The cottages are equipped with comforters and blankets.

Within about 10 meters from the terraces you will find a sandpit, trampoline, a wooden house and swings. Caretakers can feel free to relax without losing a watchful eye on the kids.
Owners of the Resort are happy to provide your children with bikes, rocking toys, building blocks, books, inflatable pools and strollers for dolls. There are drawing accessories in the playroom.

Each house has a parking spot close by.

Upon prior agreement, guests are allowed to use the grill shed located on the other side of the pavilion, free of charge.

There, our younger guests can enjoy another playground, comprising a slide, swings, tree house, sports field for volleyball and badminton, basket hoop and a bonfire spot.

The Resort area is fenced, with a lockable gate and gate-way.

Within the Resort there are:

  • three wooden eight-person ?Wieżyca? cottages
  • brick pavilion
  • 20-person grill shed with a smokehouse (available upon prior agreement)
  • two playgrounds with swings for the young

  • trampoline
  • wooden house for kids
  • sandbox
  • wooden tree house
  • sports field for volleyball and badminton

  • basket hoop
  • bonfire ring
  • slides for children
  • bikes, baby carriages, rocking toys for the young
  • games, blocks, books, balls, badminton paddles, a basketball, a volleyball.

Check-in and check-out times are 14:00 and 10:00 respectively.